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PetePost #8: Reading Pete


Hello Everyone, So far, only 3 of the 57 constituencies (50 states, DC, 5 territories, and Democrats Abroad) have held nominating contests. Bernie Sanders has been breathlessly declared the “front-runner,” despite having won only 45 of the 2,268 Pledged Delegates that he would have to win to secure the nomination outright. That is a mere 2% of what is needed. That compares to Pete Buttigieg’s total of 25 Pledged Delegates, or 1.1% of the total needed. It seems awfully premature to declare that Bernie has the nomination in his grasp. Remember, it’s all about delegates, not about “states won” or any [...]

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PetePost #7: Bernie vs. Bloomberg


Hello Everyone, In my last Post, I wrote that it might be good that the press has anointed Bernie Sanders the “front-runner” for reasons relating to Michael Bloomberg. And, I said I might explain. Well, now I’ll try. This morning, an NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist national poll hit the news, indicating that Sanders is in the lead, with Bloomberg and Biden in second and third places, respectively (remember, however, how unreliable polling can be – think about Biden’s big lead for months on end in this cycle and Hillary’s lead in late October 2016.) I have been expecting Bernie to take the lead [...]

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PetePost #6: Headline — Pete is the Real Front Runner


Hello Everyone, Well, it happened again. This time, Pete and Bernie tied in New Hampshire, but Bernie and the press claim that he won. Each got 9 delegates. Just like in 2008, when Hillary and the press claimed she won New Hampshire, when she and Barack actually tied – each got 9 delegates. I warned about this in my last PetePost (#5). Admittedly by the slimmest of margins, Pete is actually the “front runner” – because he leads in cumulative delegates, 22 to 21. Pete got 13 of Iowa’s delegates, one more than Bernie did, with one originally awarded [...]

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PetePost #5: At the Head of the Pack


Hello Everyone, My wife, Penny Sebring, and I returned from Iowa late Tuesday, thrilled that Pete Buttigieg had established his position at the head of the pack of candidates that once totaled twenty-five or more. This trip was a reprise of a similarly exciting one we embarked upon on New Year’s Day in 2008. On January 4, Penny was driving us home to Evanston, IL, from Grinnell, IA, and I was actually writing my 11th Obamagram in the car about Barack’s equally unexpected victory. Penny is a Grinnell College alumna and was a long-time trustee, and it is one of my [...]

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