I am a former investment banker who now chairs his family foundation, not a political professional or professional commentator.

After considerable study in 2019, I decided to support Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential candidacy. He is the closest analog to Barack Obama among the large field of Democratic candidates: superior intellect, calm temperament, and Midwestern authenticity. So, I’m writing commentaries about him called “PetePosts.”

I first wrote about Barack Obama’s presidential prospects in November of 2006 and went on to write over 100 commentaries about his campaign and presidency that I emailed to friends, colleagues and acquaintances across the country. I called them “Obamagrams.”: www.obamagrams.com If you have not read any of them, I recommend that you start with #1, then sample #22 and #58.

If you think others would be interested in my PetePosts, please pass them on. If you want me to add anyone to my list, please send their email addresses to me by using the “contact” button on this site.

Charles Ashby Lewis, Evanston, IL