Hello Everyone,

After considerable study, I have decided to actively support Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential candidacy.

As many of you will remember, in late November 2006, almost two years before the 2008 presidential election and about three months before Barack Obama announced his candidacy, I wrote the first of more than 100 of what I would come to call “Obamagrams”: http://www.obamagrams.com/ It followed a major policy speech Obama gave on Iraq. In it, I quoted a columnist who opined that the speech “will dispel any lingering notions that Obama ‘lacks the experience’ to lead this country.”

In a similar vein, I write today the first of what I’m calling “PetePosts” because I believe that Pete Buttigieg has what it takes to lead this country. They will be posted on my new website: https://peteposts.com/

Two years ago, my wife Penny Sebring and I were in a UChicago meeting with David Axelrod, Obama’s former chief political strategist. Penny asked him if he could point to any out-of-the-blue, out-of-turn presidential prospects for 2020. He pointed only to Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Mayor Eric Garcetti. (With the respect to the field for 2020, Penny and/or I have also met Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick.)

I am supporting Pete Buttigieg because he is the closest analog to Barack Obama. There are stark differences, however, like Pete’s executive experience as a mayor and wartime experience as a sailor.

Beginning in 2006, I backed Barack primarily because of his:

  • superior intellect
  • calm temperament, and
  • Midwestern authenticity

I am now backing Pete for the same reasons.

I will go into greater detail in subsequent PetePosts. In the meantime, I encourage you to watch some or all of this October video in which David Axelrod interviewed Mayor Pete at the UChicago Institute of Politics, which he now leads. video of Pete Buttigieg’s interview with David Axelrod

While it is over an hour in length, you might take a look at a 5-minute segment (approximately minute marks 46 through 51) in which he speaks directly to his “African American voter challenge.” It will give you insights into the overall high quality of his thought process.

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Thank you.