Hello Everyone,

In my last Post, I said I would “wait for [Pete’s] lead in deciding who to support now.” Shortly thereafter, Pete endorsed Joe Biden. So, I’m all in for Joe now.

I am for Joe because he shares Pete’s values and many of his qualities – humanity, integrity, temperament, and decency. Qualities we desperately need at this fragile moment.

I fully recognize that he doesn’t have Pete’s eloquence and will make innumerable “gaffes”, but I can live with that. In fact, some of his past gaffes have been of historic importance – in the most positive sense. The one I remember best was when he got out ahead of President Obama in support of same-sex marriage. That turned out well, ironically for Pete, and for untold others.

Joe’s humanity and decency were on full display on Monday night when he responded to Pete’s endorsement. Here are some excerpts:

I don’t know if I’ve ever done this before, but [Pete] reminds me of my son Beau…the highest compliment I can give any man or woman.

…The reason I admire him so much…is that he knows that the role of the president is not just to fight, not just to win, but to heal…this country needs to be healed…Pete gets it…

I look over at Pete during the debates and I think…“that’s a Beau” because he has such enormous character, such intellectual capacity, such a commitment to other people…

I promise you…over your lifetime, you’re going to wind up seeing a helluva lot more of Pete than you are of me.

In this case, you should really listen to the recording of it. https://youtu.be/fHcJszR2Em0
It’s both emotional and revealing. And, it says as much about Joe’s humanity as it does about Pete’s capacity and potential. It shows you why we need Joe now more than ever.

Please, as always, pass it along.