Hello Everyone,

When I explain what I do, I say that awhile back I stopped “working for pay” (as a Merrill Lynch investment banker) and started “paying to work” (as head of our family foundation).  But, both worlds have one thing in common – the need to do “due diligence” – before entering into a relationship.  As an investment banker, that means investigating a company’s financial condition and prospects, among other things.  As a foundation, we do the same things when we consider making a gift to a not-for-profit organization.

I also do due diligence when I support a candidate, and I do it more extensively the higher the office.  In 2003, I did a good deal of it on Barack Obama, with a highly confirmatory result.

In my first PetePost, I said that the first time I heard of Pete Buttigieg was when David Axelrod mentioned his name in response to a casual question two years ago. (Let me be clear, I do not mean to imply that David is supporting Pete; I don’t think he is backing anyone at this point.)

I first shook Mayor Pete’s hand in April at a fundraiser here in Evanston, IL.  I was mighty impressed by what he had to say and how he said it.  A good deal of due diligence followed.  I really took notice when my own mayor – Steve Hagerty – told me how much respect he had developed for Pete seeing him in action at meetings of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  And, how much respect his fellow mayors had for Pete.  Steve pointed me to this piece in USA Today in September: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2019/09/18/mayor-pete-buttigieg-south-bend-indiana-mayors-endorse-column/2350438001/

In it, “more than 50 mayors across the country – from Santa Monica, California, to Topeka, Kansas, to Harford, Connecticut” endorsed Pete.  The list also includes Minneapolis, Minnesota; Austin, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Parkland, Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Kansas City, Missouri.

The mayors endorsing Pete Buttigieg include: Steve Adler (Austin, Texas), Nan Whaley (Dayton, Ohio), Christopher Cabaldon (West Sacramento, California), Justin Flippen (Wilton Manors, Florida), Christine Hunchsofsky (Parkland, Florida), Dean Trantalis (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), Betsy Hodges (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Annise Parker (Houston, Texas), Rob Moon (Palm Springs, California), John D’Amico (West Hollywood, California), Luke Bronin (Hartford, Connecticut), Liz Alpert (Sarasota, Florida), Michelle De La Isla (Topeka, Kansas), Jim Gray (Lexington, Kentucky), Patrick Wojahn (College Park, Maryland), John Cranley (Cincinnati, Ohio), Ian Baltutis (Burlington, North Carolina), John Hamilton (Bloomington, Indiana), Jacob Day (Salsbury, Maryland), Zach Vruwink (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin), Matt Shorraw (Monessen, Pennsylvania), Breea Clark (Norman, Oklahoma), Gabriel Quinto (El Cerrito, California), Joe Signorello (Roselle Park, New Jersey), John Harabedian (Sierra Madre, California), Mark Kleinschmidt (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), Layla Walz (Wells, Nevada), Lydia Lavelle (Carrboro, North Carolina), Suzanne Prentis (Lebanon, New Hampshire), Ross Swords, Jr (Brownsville, Pennsylvania), Leirion Gaylor Baird (Lincoln, Nebraska), Kristopher Larsen (Nederland, Colorado), Noam Bramson (New Rochelle, New York), Steve Hagerty (Evanston, Illinois), David Berger (Lima, Ohio), Tari Renner (Bloomington, Illinois), Sly James (Kansas City, Missouri), Andy Berke (Chattanooga, Tennessee), Daniel Yost (Woodside, California), Ted Ellis (Bluffton, Indiana), Hugh Wirth (Oakland City, Indiana), Ron Strouse (Doylestown, Pennsylvania), Beth Bashert (Ypsilanti, Michigan), Duane Rosenberg (New Carrollton, Maryland), Shawn Raup-Konsavage (Bernville, Pennsylvania), Dave Kitchell (Logansport, Indiana), Rosalynn Bliss (Grand Rapids, Michigan), Tom McDermott (Hammond, Indiania), Henry Schwaller (Hays, Kansas), Greg Goodnight (Kokomo, Indiana), Mark Barbee (Bridgeport, Pennsylvania), Jim Carruthers (Traverse City, Michigan), Gleam Davis (Santa Monica, California), Ryan Arndorfer (Britt, Iowa), Brent Bascom (Rising Sun, Indiana), Gay Ann Harney (Rockport, Indiana), Ron Meer (Michigan City, Indiana), Gabriel Greer (Peru, Indiana).

These endorsements by his mayoral peers, including my own – were an important factor in my due diligence process.  And, one of the many reasons I’m actively supporting Pete.

Please, as always, pass it along.