Hello Everyone,

In my last Post, I wrote that it might be good that the press has anointed Bernie Sanders the “front-runner” for reasons relating to Michael Bloomberg. And, I said I might explain. Well, now I’ll try.

This morning, an NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist national poll hit the news, indicating that Sanders is in the lead, with Bloomberg and Biden in second and third places, respectively (remember, however, how unreliable polling can be – think about Biden’s big lead for months on end in this cycle and Hillary’s lead in late October 2016.)

I have been expecting Bernie to take the lead in challenging Michael’s record at some point. I suspect that time has now arrived because Bernie has taken on the mantle of the front-runner so sees victory nearer at hand and because of his feisty personality. He will have a good deal of material to work with.

Here are two references that offer cautionary book-end tales about Michael Bloomberg.

I hadn’t known much about Bloomberg’s character until I happened across a piece in The Atlantic published in September 2019, the month before he announced his candidacy. Here’s an excerpt:

…a presidential run…would not be an easy candidacy. “Mr. Bloomberg,” the [New York] Times points out, “is plainly an uncomfortable match for a progressive coalition passionately animated by concern for economic inequality and the civil rights of women and minorities”… What is not fully addressed in the Times article, however—and what is not fully explored in the many similar pieces that consider the current iteration of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential ambitions—is a series of stories about him, accumulated over decades, that suggests in the aggregate a distinct pattern when it comes to his treatment of women: reports of disparaging comments made about women’s bodies and appearances. Allegations of a deeply sexist work environment at the company that Bloomberg founded and, for many years, ran.”


Then, last Sunday, Charles Blow headlined his column in the New York Times: “Democrats, Don’t Wish for Your Own Rogue: Bloomberg’s record and misleading statements make him a dangerous choice”

Blow’s lead paragraph:

It is truly a devastating sight to watch liberals who have winced for years at Donald Trump’s issues on wealth, race and women allow fear, propaganda and influence mercenaries to push them into supporting a man [Bloomberg] who has his own issues concerning wealth, women and race [emphases added].


It will be fascinating to watch how Bernie, the front-runner, confronts Bloomberg, his supposedly closest challenger, starting in tomorrow night’s debate. I imagine that this confrontation, and others like it, will ultimately inure to Pete’s benefit.

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